Soon Touring a Gor Sim Near You…

Breyson and Selik are two characters in a Gorean Live Action Role Play found in the virtual environment known as Second Life. Played by two experienced players they take to the actual Gorean Map and start a brand new story line together that will ICly lead them to all the different lands within Second Life that host this multi-player game based on the Novels of Gor by John Norman. There are many versions of the map that one could go by so the two have their study ahead of them. The story starts them with the young hunting archers sent by Breyson’s father on errand to the closest city. Little did they know that a journey that will stay with them forever will begin. Big thanks to the Linden Labs, Sim owner/admins, moderators, and of course fellow role players for helping us all create this world of fantasy.

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